The abstract submission is closed.

Information & Instructions for Presenters

ePosters | Oral PresentationsFinal program to download as PDF

On the virtual platform of the Annual Meeting 2021 and throughout the meeting your poster will be available for viewing by all registered participants in the "ePoster" section.

Design | Requirement of the ePoster
For your ePoster to be displayed correctly please note the following:
Submit your posters in PDF format only. Multi-page posters are possible.
The following requirements must be met so that the content can be displayed unaltered:

- File size limit of 25 MB per poster
- No interactive content
- No forms
- No videos
- No navigation
- No blend mode
- No patterns and gradients
- No ICC colour profiles
- As vector document
- Primarily only text, images (only embedded as JPEG, GIF or PNG), tables, lists
- All pages have the same format and size
- All fonts fully embedded
- No protected fonts
- No double pages
- No encryption or password protection
- The document is saved as a PDF/A file format

For a better display of the posters in the Virtual Venue, we recommend poster PDFs in landscape format.

Poster upload
Upload your poster to the congress website two weeks before the meeting by Thursday, 02.09.2021 at the latest. To do so, log-in with your user account, go to >View submitted paper/sessions and click on the >Actions button to upload your PDF poster file.
=> Link to the User Account
=> Link to the interactive program

Oral presentations
Some of the submitted abstracts have been selected for an oral presentation during the Main Sessions & Free Communications.
Times              Main Sessions:                      8 minutes
                        Free Communications:          5 minutes
Q&A                Questions & Answers will take place live at the end of each session block.

Detailed information
The pre-recorded Oral presentations will be broadcasted by the technician.
The speakers will be connected live for the joint question and answer session.
The questions which participants can submit in the Q&A section on the virtual platform will be coordinated by the chairs of the respective session.
Each speaker will have the opportunity to respond live to the questions related to his/her presentation.

The presenters will receive access to the live Q&A session by e-mail before the start of the meeting.

Pre-recording of your Oral presentation
Your presentation must be recorded in advance and send to IMK by Thursday, 02.09.2021 the latest. Instructions for video recording and uploading can be seen using the following links:
=> Instructions (PDF)
=> Video upload

=> Link to the User Account
=> Link to the interactive program 

Your personal program
For your personal program, please consult the Interactive program using the link below. Filter by your name to find the details of your presentation times and sessions.
=> Link to the interactive program

Language:     Official language of the Meeting is English
                        (IG-NOPPS: German)

Publication of abstracts
Accepted abstracts will be published as an eJournal in the CTN Journal (Journal of Clinical Translational Neuroscience).